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Shoot the enemy!

This is the second iteration of the game. I've spent around 6 hours this time around to get the updates in.

This is a personal game jamwich that I did for a concept of shooting an oncoming enemy. This is version 1.1 after additional 4-6 hours of progression to total around 12 hours of progress solo.  Again the focus is on finishing an iteration and returning to the project in a non-set time to avoid burnout. Apart of the CannonJoe Universe.

Post Mortem :

Wins: Got the hit indicators to work, multiple enemies, background, font changed over, sounds effects, and cloud animations.

Improvements: Took much longer to make hit indicator. Realized mid-way through following a tutorial that it would be best sometimes to do it the way that makes sense for you rather than the way that is created in the tutorial; AND you can learn a lot from tutorials regardless.

Next Time: I would like to create a level one or wave one and two function to begin the gamifcation. I would like to earn currency/score. Improved backgrounds. Enemy spawner, title screen, award for winning/surviving, death if one enemy passes by player.

Credits for Assets:

   DriftWood Font - Dieter Steffman, 1001 free fonts
    freepic for art background, cloud icon
    Textures4Photoshop - Lighting,AlienBrain Texture
    Aaron Hibbard Youtube
    Right Bringer - Cannon Unity Store
    AmusedArt-Demond 3D Model
    SoundMaster - SoundBible.com for Audio
    Patrick de Arteaga for Background Music


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